1 on 1 Work with your Child/Youth

Direct 1:1 ABA

1 on 1 Work with your Child/Youth

We have a qualified and knowledgeable ABA therapists that work directly 1:1 with your child/youth on a variety of goals. Specific goals will be outlined….

Behaviour Consultation

Behaviours can be hard, and a strain on the whole family. ABC offers 1:1 behaviour consultation and/or in-home behaviour consultation. In this program, clients are paired with a behaviour consultant and goals discussed. Often we are working with individuals with emotional regulation challenges, aggression, property destruction, school refusal, self-esteem concerns, etc. Depending on the needs of the individual, this program is run in centre with the consultant or in-home, taking a mediator approach to help caregivers confidently learn strategies to create a consistent and safe home environment.

10- 12 Week Block of Behaviour Consultation

What to expect?

  • An initial Intake (phone)
  • Observation (1-2 settings) or baseline of existing skills in center
  • An individualized Behaviour Plan (behaivour reduction) or Program Plan (skill acquisition)
  • 1:1 weekly consultations for skills acquistion goals
  • Caregiver Coaching in home for Behaviour Reduction goals
  • Written summary report